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The Best Apps for Translating Between Korean and Indonesian

You are aware that there are numerous translation applications from Indonesia to Korea. Additionally, South Korean culture is expanding quickly and is in demand worldwide. I can still understand if it's simply "annyeonghaseyo," but if it's more than just hello, I'm also perplexed, isn't that right?


The Best Apps for Translating Between Korean and Indonesian

Here are three tools for translating from Korean to Indonesian and vice versa. Do you have any favorite products or any suggestions?

1. Google Translation

It is without a doubt a good idea to use Google Translate as a tool for translating languages other than English, including Korean. There is no longer a need to be perplexed when your favorite "Oppa" talks about detikers when Google Translate is available.

2. Papago Translate

Papago is developed by Naver and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. This application supports 13 languages ​​such as English, Thai, Indonesian, French, Spanish to Korean.

In addition to text, you can translate Korean through your phone's microphone and camera.

3. iTranslate Free Translator & Dictionary

The iTranslate application provides a choice of male and female translation voices. Just select! This application is suitable for those of you who are traveling to South Korea as a help. There is also a feature that allows you to save translations with offline access.